Same account for demat and mutual funds

You can keep the same account for your demat and mutual funds needs. Just opening one demat account will open the doors to investing in the type of mutual fund that matches your financial goals and dreams.

With the Upstox mutual funds platform you don't require a separate account to invest in mutual funds. You can use your existing Upstox demat account to invest in mutual funds as well. So enjoy hassle-free trading and investing at Upstox.

Please follow the steps given below :

  • Login to your MF account using your Upstox pro Unique Client Code (UCC) and password.
  • Browse through all the available mutual funds and invest in mutual funds of your choice.
  • Available funds from your securities account can be used to invest in Mutual Funds too.
  • If you want to invest via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you may click on ‘Start SIP’ button.
  • For investing via lump sum, click on the ‘Buy Fund’ button.

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