Exposure on derivatives segment

Exposure limits or margin limits varies from client to client. It is based on the amount of margin money deposited by each client, according to the exchange’s regulations. Upfront margin is collected by the client.

Types of orders in derivatives segment:

  • MIS/CO/BO (Margin Intraday/ Cover Order/Bracket Order)

If you wish to use margins on the derivatives segment you have to place orders using the MIS/CO/BO product code. Under these types of orders you are required to pay the margin as specified and mandated by Upstox.

  • Futures: While placing orders for the futures segment, you can use margins for both buying and selling.
  • Options: You can avail margins only for short selling options when placing MIS/CO/BO.
  • NRML (Normal)

If you wish to hold your Futures and Options positions & futures products overnight then you must place an order under the NRML product code. This will require 100% of the applicable SPAN & exposure margin.

In case of buying Options, you can place only NRML orders. The orders placed under the MIS/CO/BO code will be rejected and these orders will be blocked.