Can I get Today's historic OHLC data in the Historic API package?

  • Let's assume today is the 11th of July and time is 2 PM, At 2 PM will I be able to get 11th of July -10 AM's 30 minute OHLC data via the historic package? or should I get the interactive package to get this data?

  • Developer

    Hi @123aswin123,

    Yes, you will be able to get all the intervals as soon as that interval is passed i.e at max you can get OHLC for the last passed minute during trading hrs.

    The Interactive package will give you per second update plus various other parameters like last Bid/Ask values.If you want to capitalize on second by second price movement than you should prefer going for the Interactive package.


  • Hello,

    I am new to Upstox and trying out the Historical API. I notice that the historical API OHLC is coming in late. For example, if I want 10 minute candles, so say at 10:31 AM is should get the candles up to 10:30 AM, but the last arriving candle is late, there is a delay of at least 20 minutes, that is late by 2 candles.

    Is this a bug in the system? Please help understand this issue.


  • Developer

    Hi @arkochhar ,

    Can you please check if you are still facing these delays?

    You can face these delays sometimes. We are working on reducing these delay, these delays should get reduced and removed as the trading session progresses.

    Alok Gaira

  • Thanks for your reply. I checked again and problem persists. I tried 1 min, 5 mins and 10 mins. All lag by 2 candles. For example, for 1 min, at 12:32 PM, I am getting candles up to 12:30 PM, similarly for 10 mins, at at 12:35 PM, I am getting candles up to 12:20 PM. So roughly there is a lag of 1 to 2 candles.

    This will not work for lot of my strategies that I plan to execute on Upstox.

    Please look into this issue urgently and on high priority.


  • @AlokGaira @Archana is there any update on this issue?

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