Livefeed using websocket.

  • Hello,

    I can successfully get order updates using websocket . But can you advise how do I get LTP for a particular symbol using websocket ? Below is from your example code . I don't receive anything in the "message" inside live-feed event . Also How do I get the feed for a particular symbol only ? Pls advise .

    // Socket Connection successfull
    // Now you can setup listeners
    upstox.on("orderUpdate", function(message) {
    console.log(message) ;

            upstox.on("liveFeed", function(message) {
                console.log(message) ;
            upstox.on("disconnected", function(message) {
                //listener after socket connection is disconnected
            upstox.on("error", function(error) {
                //error listener
            //You can call upstox.closeSocket() to disconnect
        }).catch(function(err) {
            // Something went wrong.

    Thanks .

  • ok, actually I got answer from another forum post . thanks .

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