Historical Prices are Not Adjusted Making it less reliable than moneycontrol scraps

  • I coded a moneycontrol scrap a few months ago, and all prices were adjusted for bonuses given. Today an incorrect BUY signal is received from MOTHERSUMI from my algo when I switched to Upstox Historical API. Upon checking, it was because of the bonus issued by the company.

    And we are paying for the data :) :)

  • As expected, this issue is with every stock. If prices are not adjusted, it will trigger the false alarm and will beat the purpose. What is an ETA for this? Should we move back to an old fashioned way of working? - Rely on moneycontrol?

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    @irathernottell we don't have corporate actions applied on our data yet. looking to see if there's another solution around it. for now, you can get data from GFDL or 1MarketView. Probably a bit more expensive than us but it is corrected for corp. actions.

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