Are you Scalable?

  • This question looks abstract, but let me explain you:

    This might look hypothetical but it is quite released in USA.
    A WebSocket is giving moment at the interval of every second. However, in one second, there can be about 100,1000 trades and price can go up and down and then back to normal. I would never know.. However, this is the main place to take the advantage and make a profit in a second.

    Question Two: Can I place let us say 1000 orders with IOC in one second?
    Question Three: Can I cancel ALL orders (again 100s of orders) in one second?

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    The idea behind building the API was that you can create your own script or UI but there will always be some restrictions as you being a retail trader. This limitations are set forward keeping the compliance in mind. We have to operate within boundaries of exchange guidelines.

    The concept you are asking for resembles with HFT. You can find more details here

  • Thanks for the information. This makes a lot of sense now.:100:

  • @orpheus> " will always be some restrictions as you being a retail trader."

    Can you please point me to the restrictions/limitations for retail trader? I am not a good programmer but want to ensure I am not doing anything silly.

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