About TA Scanner

  • I want to know more about TA scanner

  • Hi Ashok!
    What would you like to know? You can download the app from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.tradeacademy.learn

    1. Start by learning one of the 5 strategies on the app.
    2. Book a webinar and attend a live class. We run a few live classes everyday which you can attend right from your phone/laptop. Since it's live you can get all your questions.
    3. Finally watch any of the 50+ videos

    All the strategies are transparent. We upload all the trades everyday generated by the strategy so you can learn and assess the risk and reward.

    Scanner simply scans the market for opportunities based on the 5 strategies and saves you time. You can connect the account with Upstox and place the trade easily with one touch.

    All the best

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