Important: Update your libraries

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    Hi all,

    Please update your NodeJS and Python libraries to the latest versions today. We will be making some server side changes to support load balancing and scaling properly.

    NodeJS: Use library version v1.1 or higher (

    Python: Use library version v1.5.1 or higher (

    These will go in effect on Friday

  • @shrini-viswanath : I subscribed late for the API and hence I got the latest API.

    1. However, do you plan to send sms/email to your paid subscribers for such important updates? Asking because I am writing my own client and want to ensure that it does not break during market hours due to any mandatory updates that I failed/forgot to pull.
    2. If I don't update, will my code continue to work for few days on the older release? Asking because the new update might have bugs and we need a way to test it before moving completely towards it. I think, you should maintain a release version for each update so that users can rollback whenever required.

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    @ganesh We will send you an email and SMS next time. Hopefully, there shouldn't be a whole lot of breaking releases coming up on the actual API side. We're planning a few enhancements.

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