illegal activity in my account

  • I was credited with BHARAT 22 ETF 1 Share
    But i did not even placed order for that
    on top of that i was having zero fund
    How did you guys placed order on my behalf ???????????

  • @Harsh938 I guess it's just a gift share from upstox. It happened to me also. I believe there is nothing to worry. Please check with once.

  • @vinayreddysudini
    Yes i checked, But i believe they should not place order on behalf of us.
    That is my point here.

  • Just like anyone can deposit amount into your bank account, without your permission, so they gave you free stuff... They might have called you and asked that, they are giving free shares if you start trading in your account again. And you would have said Yes(unknowingly). Its just like a Free voucher kind of thing. Dont worry much. On personal front, I said them "No" repeatedly on every call they made me, as i dont wanted to have any Holdings and related IT compliances and declarations.

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