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    Pls download the latest DLL from the below link (see end of page)


    If you are using custom application then replace with the DLLs in your application folder and rebuild your application.

    If you are using Excel, then run Register.bat as Administrator.

    Excel users may get error after new update, pls follow the steps mentioned in the below link. to rectify the error.

    If you need any assistance in update, pls drop a mail to with details.

  • Thank you.

  • @howutrade
    I am receiving following error even after updating latest updates

    I have done the following
    1.) downloded the updates from
    2.) Extract it
    3.) Copied the Dll Files to C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64(Replaced)
    4.) Run 'Register_DLL_For_x86_x64.bat' as Administrator

    Still I am facing the same old error
    Please assist


  • @howutrade
    my debug.txt shows like this
    09:10:58.517 UPSTOXNET : Initialized
    09:11:34.898 ACCESSTOKEN-OVERLOAD : Value cannot be null.
    09:11:40.932 UPSTOXNET : Exiting
    10:13:40.209 UPSTOXNET : Initialized
    10:13:55.918 ACCESSTOKEN-OVERLOAD : Value cannot be null.
    10:14:01.907 UPSTOXNET : Exiting
    11:31:58.853 UPSTOXNET : Initialized
    11:32:15.383 ACCESSTOKEN-OVERLOAD : Value cannot be null.
    11:33:32.348 UPSTOXNET : Exiting

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    If you use custom application i.e you built the application at your end , then apart from registering the DLL, you also need to replace the DLL's in your application folder and rebuild your application (using Visual Studio).

    If you are using our Hello Upstox v2.0, then just download the latest Hello Upstox from and install it.

  • @howutrade Thanks it is now working after Re Installing Hello Upstox v2.0

  • @HowUTrade

    Dear Sir,

    I have updated the DLL files but orders are not getting shooted. I think the problem is with the following code for stopping repetative orders . Please have a look at this --

    Public Function PlaceSimpleOrder(ByVal Exch As String, ByVal TrdSym As String, ByVal Trans As String, ByVal OrdType As String, _
    ByVal Qty As Integer, ByVal ProdType As String, Optional ByVal LmtPrice As Double, Optional ByVal TrgPrice As Double, _
    Optional ByVal val As String = "DAY", Optional ByVal cTag As String = "LAST", _
    Optional ByVal DiscQty As Integer = 0) As Variant
    On Error GoTo ErrHandler:

    'As I said, Dictionary is a collection of Unique Keys and their corresponding values
    'So, you will not get duplicate keys
    'We will use TrdSym as unique key as it different for each scrip’s
    'First we will check whether any key with name as TrdSym is present in the dictionary
    'If not we will add the key with empty value
    If Not Dict_BuySell_Status.Exists(TrdSym) Then
        Dict_BuySell_Status.Add TrdSym, ""
    End If
    'Now retrieve the Order Status
    Dim OrderStatus As String
    OrderStatus = Dict_BuySell_Status(TrdSym)    'This will return the value of Key TrdSym
    'If the order status equals the Trans then, we already placed order for that Trans
    'Exit the Function, don't place order again
    If OrderStatus = Trans Then
        Exit Function
    End If
    'if the Order Status is not equal to Trans then
    'Place the Order
    'Store the Trans as value to the Key TrdSym
    'So that next time it will return the Trans
    'Adding trans to dictionary key
    Dict_BuySell_Status.Item(TrdSym) = Trans
    PlaceSimpleOrder = Upstox.PlaceSimpleOrder(Exch, TrdSym, Trans, OrdType, Qty, ProdType, LmtPrice, TrgPrice, val, cTag, DiscQty)
    Exit Function

    PlaceSimpleOrder = Err.Description
    End Function

    Please resolve the issue at the earliest.



  • @HowUTrade

    Dear Sir,

    For NIFTY Symbols the orders are getting initiated smoothly, But for other symbols such as SBIN the orders are not getting initiated.

    Please resolve the issue at the earliest.


    Balvir Singh.

  • @HowUTrade

    Can anyone please resolve the issue. Please help.


    Balvir Singh

  • Thanks @HowUTrade Let me give a try. I am facing the problem. Will confirm .

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