OCO order got placed before trigger price

  • my OCO order in upstox got executed before the price reached trigger. the order was at RBL BANK on 16/10/2019 the high price of the candle is itself 257.20 at 13:42pm but my OCO order of 260.30 got executed at 13:42pm how can it happen without the price reaching the trigger price ? only at 13:43pm the price reached 260.25( my trigger price) and the stoploss order got executed at 254 but if the order got executed correctly as per the trigger price at 13:43pm hten the target would hit and there's no chance of hitting stoploss. !1_1571190149577_Screenshot_20191015-200731.png 0_1571190149577_Screenshot_20191015-200423_2.png

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