• Hello Sir,

    I noticed that , My app subscription should renew yesterday automatically like everytime, but yesterday its expired and didn't renew, but in myapp section , when i go to edit option it shows Active, simultaneously there is one more line shows 'renews on sunday oct 13'1_1571052135844_app.png 0_1571052135843_ap.png
    Does my subscription ended sir?

  • Not sure if I am correct , But there was a mail from upstox. that they are temporarily restricting API services . I fear I too might not be able to continue to access API. I am pasting the content of email from Upstox.

    Dear customer,

    At Upstox, we are constantly studying our users’ needs and working on bettering their experience. As a part of this drive, we will now be restricting our API services to a closed group users only. If you already have an active app, you will be a part of this group. If not, you will have to wait.

    Once we have fine-tuned our service, it will be opened to new users. Until then, please bear with us. Be assured that we won’t make you wait for long. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

    Happy trading,

    Team Upstox

  • Sir, I am the part of this group.

  • Try to reach helpdesk on phone.

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