Upstox or Zerodha ???

  • Both these discount brokerage companies have the same model of business

    I am thinking of opening an demat and trading account in Upstox as it has free account opening charges and application can be done online

    Are there anyone who have used both whatsapp web

    Can you recommend from these for those who are just starting out and would like to just taste live market with little money

    Are there any good features that i would miss with zerodha if i choose Upstox ?

  • I personally feel Upstox is good for me. Features you may miss are Sensibull, Streak, and other add-on products that are of no use for me.

    But still, I use Zerodha for charting options as I feel it's easy to use. For example, in Upstox mobile app once you changed to full view mode, you cant come back and you have to close the app. (iPhone app).

    Zerodha have TradingView Charts, multi charts and so on.

  • This comparison is solely based on an informative level and limited to discussion only. The comparison is aimed at those who are new to the market so that they get to know what to look forward to in a discount brokerage firm.

    Zerodha Vs Upstox – Comparison

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