Upstox vs Zerodha: Which do you recommend? How's your experience been with them?

  • Hello everyone,,
    I have seen previous discussions comparing the two brokers but they were mostly related to expenses and other money related things.
    I would like to know how the two compare on the basis of other things like user interface, products, mutual funds, bank transfer experience etc.
    I know they are similar in most aspects but how does the overall usage differ in both the brokers.
    Please share your experiences using the products like desktop application, mobile app, MF options,etc. What did you like about them and what you didn't like?

  • @tomkeen

    I have A/C in both Zerodha and Upstox
    both are same in brk+tech+fees+transaction etc.

    but UPSTOX is far better than Zerodha because zerodha hang many time during a single day,but upstox rarely hangs.

    zerodha have many more clients than upstox so their platform traffic is high due to which it offten hang.

    So I prefer UPSTOX with same technology in MF,SIP and,same brokerage and less(zero) hang problem.

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  • Both the brokers are best in the industry. They help in saving lot of brokerage for their customers.

    As mentioned in some of the comments there were few instances of Zerodha Kite hanging up. This is because of the 5X customer when compared to that of Upstox.

    Upstox is backed by Mr.Ratan Rata. That itself should be huge trust factor.

    Below articles can be read for more about these two brokers.

    Zerodha Vs Upstox

    Upstox Review

    Zerodha Review

  • Now you can use Upstox API to backtest and optimise your technical strategy without any coding.
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  • On comparing Zerodha Vs Upstox, it is clear that both are equally good. The brokerage charges for both are the same as Rs 20 per trade maximum.

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  • I personally use both the platforms one for my brother and one for my self. I found upstox much better in terms of brokerage and other things as well. The best part about upstox is there customer support. There customer support is exceptional, if you stuck somewhere they are always there to help.

    You can read an article on upstox review, that is an honest review.

  • On comparing Zerodha Vs Upstox, it is clear that both are equally good. The brokerage charges Rs 20 per trade maximum. But still I like the Upstox more. You can Read the article here on Upstox Review

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