Issue in "NETQTY" updates

  • Dear Team,
    I am using UDF to get "NETQTY" updates on real time.
    NETQTY filed returns NETQTY of the script traded on that particular day..
    Ex1: suppose if i bought AxisBank Future 1 lot in MIS then Netqty reflects 1 lot..
    and if convert it to NRML by EOD and again convert it back to MIS by next day morning "NETQTY" is reflecting "0"...
    Suppose if I add one more lot during intra day then total Qty bought under MIS product category is 2 lots but NETQTY is reflecting only 1 lot..
    Could you explain what is the issue and solution to get proper updates on NETQTY ..


  • Hello Team,
    Awaiting for your updates on this issue..


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    The real-time NETQTY field is available only in our DotNet library and it is not supported by Upstox API

    The NETQTY field is manipulated using the order updates received in websocket, it doesn't not include converted positions, overnight positions and holdings.

  • Today my net qty in holding not display properly

  • Hello. Is there any way to make a list of postcodes in this software? for example, there's a Brighton postcode and a lot more, and for successful trading, I need this data that buyers choose their own postcode for delivery. how to do it? is it even possible? or if not, please tell me where, in which program it can be done

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