How to get continuous Live Feed for a stock

  • How will i get the continuous Live feed for a stock. I am using the Upstox Node.js library where we have a method upstox.getLiveFeeds() but this I think will give the response only once what if I want the live update on price every time it is changing so that I can build my strategy on updated price.

    Also in Websocket we have a event for getting message for live feed :

    upstox.on("liveFeed", function(message) {
    //message for live feed

    What is the response of the above fragment? Can we get the updated value using this websocket event?

    Or Can we use upstox.getLiveFeeds() method to get the updated price asynchronously everytime it is getting updated?

    My requirement is to get the updated LTP, High, Low, Open value during the trading session to update my strategy. Please help me with this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @rupesh93 ,
    You have to make a websocket and call subscribe to get updated feed. After that you will start getting feed on websocket.
    Refer for details.

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