Order ID Not Found

  • 2019-04-26 10:02:09,823 - INFO - OptionExpirySelling.py:main():134- {'client_id': 'xxx', 'exchange': 'NSE_FO', 'token': 42859, 'symbol': 'BANKNIFTY1950229700CE', 'product': 'I', 'order_type': 'SL', 'duration': 'DAY', 'price': 200, 'trigger_price': 200, 'quantity': 20, 'disclosed_quantity': 1, 'transaction_type': 'S', 'average_price': 0, 'traded_quantity': 0, 'message': '', 'exchange_order_id': '', 'parent_order_id': 'NA', 'order_id': '190426000080884', 'exchange_time': '', 'time_in_micro': '1556253135503347', 'status': 'put order req received', 'is_amo': False, 'valid_date': '', 'order_request_id': '1', 'report': '', 'text': '', 'user_comment': '', 'trading_symbol': 'BANKNIFTY02MAY1929700CE'}
    2019-04-26 10:02:10,177 - INFO - util.py:grace_exit():198- Goodbye,
    2019-04-26 10:02:10,177 - INFO - OptionExpirySelling.py:<module>():759- Something went wrong. Error: {"code":400,"status":"Bad Request","timestamp":"2019-04-26T10:02:16+05:30","message":"Order id 190426000080884 not found.","error":{"name":"Error","reason":"Order id 190426000080884 not found."}}

    It placed order at 10:08:09 and returned orderid. the same orderid shows not exists within 2 seconds. But the order id exists in the order book and got executed also.

    Can you take look and get back to me before EOD?

    @pratima @RenukaMisal @Archana @zohaib @orpheus @shrini-viswanath

    No response to any queries in the forum for past few days which is highly irritating. Will write to SEBI as next step. I have wrote the same query to your complaints@upstox.com as well. As per grievance addressal system, hope it will get answered and addressed.

  • @excellingtrade I have raised this issue many times. They provide us the order ID but when we check status they say order ID doesn't exist!! sounds crazy.They have even stopped responding to queries on forum.

  • @rishi123 Yup I seen your post. Send email to complaints@upstox.com . If not resolved, let's all complain to SEBI

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