Upstox API returning "Object reference not set " error

  • Hi Team,

    var rowdata = upstox.GetHistData("nse_eq", stock, "day", startdate, enddate);
    here upstox.getHistData() returning object reference error .please let me know what is the issue.

    I tried downloading the data from UpstoxNet2.0 sample app too .i am getting same error there also.
    adding the screenshot for your reference.Please check this on u r end.
    seems that something has been changes from u r end because all this functionality was working find 1-2 weeks ago![alt text](1_1552119541061_upstoxerror.JPG 0_1552119541060_upstox selection.JPG image url)

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    Upstox has imposed restriction on the number of days for which you can request historical data in a single request. The current limit is 7 days.

    So if you request data for more than 7 days, then it will throw error.
    Pls refer this link for more info