Data delayed in historical API in Production & staging too.

  • Hi,

    I am fetching 1 Minute historical data from equity segment. But i am getting 1 minute candle with delay of 1 minute. 11:30 candle expected to be received by 11:31:05 but i am getting this candle after 11:32:03.

    I had implemented rate limited and all logic correctly moreover just for testing i am fetching for ACC only. I am fetching historical data after 5 sec from starting of new minute.

    Time taken was also too high. I am fetching only few last few candles (last 6 mins) and it took an avg of 1200ms just for ACC.

    Your charts are having almost live candles? why we are not getting that? In another thread i read that we can't create candles from Feed data as only partial feeds were supplied. But you chart data is same as candles and accurate too?

  • Hey Team!
    No reply? I was expecting a reply and solution too.

  • Support

    @raaxus, we will check this and revert back to you.

  • Support

    @raaxus, is this related to specific exchange? For which exchange your trying?

  • @pratima Happy New Year to All of You!

    for NSE_EQ data is delayed by fix 1 minute 4 sec. 4 sec is expected but extra 1 mins is way high. for 9:50 candle which i should get by 9:51:05 but getting after 9:52:04.

    for NSE_FO mostly it is delayed between 1 to 3 mins but few times it goes upto 5 mins.

    But data is coming on time on pro web. why this difference between and in your API?

  • @raaxus For NSE_EQ, data is coming on time right now. But have look at this issue that why it was delayed.

  • Support

    @raaxus, there seems a delay in our end, will check and get back to you.

  • @pratima Hi, Really worst performance of Historical API in Production.

    See the time taken just for ACC. How we can work with these kind of APIs? What is the option to me? Either i reduce the timeout to 10 sec and flood the upstox system with the requests?

    03/01/2019 9:17:08 AM - - HistoryManager.FetchLiveCandles.NSE_EQ.ACC - TimeTaken:63285
    03/01/2019 9:47:55 AM - - HistoryManager.FetchLiveCandles.NSE_EQ.ACC - TimeTaken:159196
    03/01/2019 9:53:02 AM - - HistoryManager.FetchLiveCandles.NSE_EQ.ACC - TimeTaken:126908
    03/01/2019 10:57:06 AM - - HistoryManager.FetchLiveCandles.NSE_EQ.ACC - TimeTaken:1013

    Candle duration is 1 minute.

  • Support

    @raaxus, we are not facing any delay for NSE_EQ. There is a delay issue for BSE and NSE_FO, our team is working on it.

  • @pratima You can see the logs. I am fetching 10 scripts concurrently as mentioned in your rate limit. from 9:17 to approx 10:10 i was getting this much delay.

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