Total Unstable API provided by Upstox.

  • Total Unstable API provided by Upstox.
    1:) not able to place weekly option orders.getting RMS:Field Not Found 63002 error.
    With the same code was able to place orders in monthly options.
    2:) not able to fetch overall profit/loss. the unrealized_profit in upstox.getPositions() give some other value.actual loss was -50,unrealized_profit in upstox.getPositions() returns "unrealized_profit":483.999999999999"
    3:) unrealized_profit and realized_profit upstox.getBlanace() also giving wrong values

    waste of 750 rupees..other javaAPi are better even if they are costing more

  • I think you should ask for a refund of fees if the API is not usable. For upstox they can easily refund funny money as brokerage.

  • Developer


    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    We are currently working on this issue. We will update you soon once the issue is fixed.


  • @200394, we have resolved RMS issue, Please let us know if it's working for you.

  • @tarun

    I don't see anything resolved. My unrealized amount is 490.

    ![alt text](0_1498538038257_9e94c4be-9c75-42ab-8964-c88c0d71dc2a-image.png image url)

    But when I call getPositions I am getting below JSON response


    On calling getBalance Below is the JSON response

    I am just trying to get the overall profit/loss for the day

  • Developer

    Hi @200394 ,
    We have resolved unrealized_profit issue also. Could you try and confirm the same

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