Live data to same day OHLC data

  • Hi,
    I am very much interested in purchasing .NET access. But, I will be able to realize its maximum utility only if I am able to create OHLC candle data using live data. Say, I start my day at 09:15, I will be receiving RTD data on my market watch but, is there any way by which I can store OHLC data of 09:15:00 to 09:19:59 in 4 cells and so on for the entire day?
    This is the biggest hurdle I have been facing lately. If somehow you can suggest a way to overcome this, I will be more than happy in paying for the subscription.

  • you can use the historical data download option and store the data into separate sheet using macro. you can get only volume, open,high , low and close price

  • @amarnathrr

    Will u pls provide the code?

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