Error Order with Invalid attributes rejected by System

  • Today somewhere in between 10:15am to 10:45am, my orders Sl-M and Market orders got rejected with message "Order with invalid attributes rejected by system" . My code is same since last 3 days, and still today the orders got rejected. Later they started working fine. You can see the order id in the snapshot for your debugging purpose. Can you throw light on the issue?

  • Developer

    Hi @ganesh ,

    There was an issue with our OMS at 10.30, so we rejected all the order placed on that time instance with this message.

    We have sent a notification to all our clients who are using our APP.

    Currently, we don't have any automated SMS sending facility for our API clients, we will soon add this feature.

    Sorry, for any inconvenience caused.

    Alok Gaira

  • To be frank

    1. I don't have any email from you about it (checked spam folder as well). Maybe other users on board can confirm if they got any communication.
    2. Your server code should send an exception "Service unavailable" so that we can handle it. In this case, I was getting a totally wrong error message.
    3. When will be the product stable? I cannot trade with big amount if this is to be an ongoing issue. This is not a paper trading system. Real money is at stake. Not sure if you really understand this.

  • Hi Ganesh,I too didnt get any intimation mail or sms about this..not sure about others

  • @prabhu I know they didn't send out notification. They are just making it up. They don't even understand that they should not make changes during market hours. I want to hear what @shrini-viswanath and @Global-Moderators think about this problem from retail traders perspective and what should be our plan around using this API so that we keep losses to minimum in such failure situations.

  • Global Moderator

    @ganesh there was a notification sent to all users via the mobile app. It was an issue for all users not just API users.

  • I see. I don't have the app installed. Never knew that was the medium of communication. Thanks for letting us know. To be frank, I have automated my strategy 100% for testing purposes. So I am not logged in anywhere except the python script running. So an email/sms is needed.
    Although there is an open end question to strategies like mine that fail due to the related failure/error in OMS. Couldn't square off existing orders and couldn't place new orders during that period. Can I login to NEST and upstox simultaneously in situations like to take control?

  • Global Moderator

    @ganesh Ahh! Sorry yes we use In-App notifications over email because they are near-instant.

    You can use NEST and Upstox but for that specific case, the error was at our OMS level -- it affected all clients on all platforms.

  • Ok. Got it now that it affected NEST too. NEST is God of platforms. Then its ok :)
    Thanks for taking out time to resolve my queries.

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