What are your call and trade charges?

A charge of Rs. 50 per order (exclusive of taxes) is levied on orders placed via Call-and-Trade on all of our plans.

Everyday our RMS team squares off all the MIS/BO/CO open positions at the usual intraday square-off times. Starting from June 19, 2017, there will be a Rs. 50 fee for squaring off all the intraday open positions by our RMS team. This service will be treated as a Call and Trade.

Our RMS team works round-the-clock ensuring that your trading experience is smooth and sophisticated. As of now, there's a lot of activity during the market closing hours and we would like to ensure that you continue to get a cutting-edge and fast trading experience. If you wish to square-off the open positions for no charge, please feel free to do so during market hours.

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